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El Mar Diving Center.
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Saba Conservation Foundation - Preserving Saba's' natural and cultural heritage.
Due to the steep coastal zone, shore diving is virtually impossible. Therefore, all diving is done safely from a boat with one of Sabas licensed dive centres. You can dive in the Saba National Marine Park only under the guidance of one of the local dive shops.
Malibu Divers Malibudivers.
For over 20 years, Malibu Divers has been the exclusive provider for Scuba, snorkeling, CPR programs and diving experiences to Scouts during the BSA Summer Camp. From introductory SCUBA for non-divers to Pro programs and everything in between and new programs every year.
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Matt Bartle named volunteering lead for Diving Leadership Group. Olympian Sarah and coach Josh latest appointments to Diving Leadership Group. About platform and springboard diving. Diving scores and degrees of difficulty. Popular Content on the Hub. Find A Diving Club.
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If you are looking for a RAID Dive Course click here. RAID is the world's' fastest growing diver training agency with both full service and satellite regional offices, dive stores and instructors waiting to providediver services to you across the globe.
Scuba Educators is proud to partner with the American WaterSports Association to launch a new Kayak Diving program, the ultimate aquatic cross-sport Above Below. Learn more about Kayak Diving. Check out a seminar presented by our Kayak Diving Course directors at the Scuba Show in Long Beach May 14, 2022.
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In 1943, the famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, along with Emile Gagnan, invented the aqualung, more commonly referred to as scuba self-contained underwater breathing apparatus Scuba made divers more mobile and revolutionized exploration of the oceans. Since then, many advances in scuba technology have made the equipment easier to use, safer and more affordable, allowing many people to enjoy this fascinating adventure.
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DIT is proud to have Seattle Vet Center Outreach Specialist, Ray Rosales, on campus each week. At our campus on Lake Union, youll learn in the classroom, in the lake on floating dive barges, and aboard DITs boat, the M/V Response.

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